Changes in the range

Changes in the range

Dear partners!
Since February, 25, 2013 in the product range of our company a number of changes will be made.

 Production stops:

● Cheets (rolls) Energoflex® Super TP AL 3 and 5 mm thickness;
● Mats and plates Energoflex® TP AL 25 mm thickness;
● Damper tape Energoflex® Super 10/0,1-11;
● Tape Energoflex® TP 50 mm x 50 m.

 Production begins:

● Cheets (rolls) Energofloor® Compact 3 and 5 mm thickness;
● Mats and plates Energofloor® Reflect 25 mm thickness;
● Damper tape Energofloor® 10/0,1-11;
● Tape-hermetic Energofloor® 50 mm x 50 m.

The anti-adhesive covering from silicone paper on cheets (rolls) Energoflex® Black Star Duct, Energoflex® Black Star Duct AL, Energopack® and tape Energopack® TK SK will be replaced with polypropylene covering.
Cheets (rolls) Energofloor® Compact will be issued with a aluminum foil 30 microns thickness.
It is possible to examine all novelties on our site in appropriate sections.

New materials and accessories will go on sale gradually in process of leaving made now.
Packing characteristics, retail prices and discounts for all listed materials and accessories remain without changes.
We ask to consider these changes in information materials and price lists.