Change in price and range

Since January 19, 2015 in the cost and the range of our production some changes will be brought:

1. Retail prices for materials will raise:
● Energoflex®;
● Energofloor®;
● Energopack®;
● Accessories.

2. The new noise-attenuating material Energoflex® Acoustic 110 – 5 in coils on 5 meters which is specially developed for improvement of acoustic comfort of buildings at use of polymeric wastewater systems will go on sale.

3. Will be laid off:
● Tubes Energoflex® Black Star of 2 m with wall thickness of 9 mm;
● Tubes Energoflex® Super of 2 m with inner diameters of 30 mm, 70 mm, 140 mm.

All changes are reflected in price lists and in appropriate sections of the site.
We ask you to consider this information in the work.