Tubes Energoflex® Super Protect Black


Tubes Energoflex® Super Protect Black with a black polymer coating are a specialized series of insulation Energoflex® Super Protect for heating and water supply systems.

The range of tubes Energoflex® Super Protect Black is optimized for the most common polyethylene and metal-plastic pipe sizes. This makes it possible to carry out high-quality and fast installation when installing communications in floor and wall structures.
The new aesthetic of Energoflex® Super Protect Black retains the increased strength of insulation against mechanical damage and aggressive materials.

  • Strong black polymer coating.
  • Environmentally friendly.
Special sizes for polyethylene and metal-plastic pipes.
A new aesthetic of popular insulation.
Increased mechanical protection at the construction site.


Feature Value Method
Thermal сonductiviti λ, W/(m•°С)
at 10°С at 20°С at 30°С
0,038 0,039 0,040
GOST 32312-2011
Maximum service temperature,°С + 95 GOST EN 14707-2011
Reaction to fire G1 ГОСТ 30244-94
Water vapour diffusion resistance µ, not less 9000 GOST 32303-2011
Corrosion safety Resistance to aggressive construction materials – cement, concrete, gypsum, lime  
Environmental aspects Chlorofluorohydrocarbons and sulfur free  


Inner Ø
of insulation, мм
Insulation thickness
standard size
  6 mm Article 9 mm Article
16 16/6-2 EFXT016062SUPRBK 16/9-2 EFXT016092SUPRBK
20 20/6-2 EFXT020062SUPRBK 20/9-2 EFXT020092SUPRBK



Packed in cartons with dimensions of 2050 x 395 x 295 mm.
Insulation thickness, mm
6 9
standart size quantity in the package, m gross weight, kg package volume, m³ standart size quantity in the package, m gross weight, kg package volume, m³
16/6-2 200 4,610 0,240 16/9-2 140 4,410 0,240
20/6-2 160 4,810 0,240 20/9-2 112 4,410 0,240