Plates Energofloor® Pipelock Solo


Plates Energofloor® Pipelock Solo plates with fixers are developed especially for fast and convenient laying down of pipes of floor heating systems in any directions.

Reliable connection of plates «in lock» allows to create a uniform layer, which can be laid down on any insulating material in the construction of the floor heating systems with the subsequent arrangement of cement-sand cap.

  • Plates are made of high-strength polystyrene and withstand the adult's weight during mounting.
  • Thanks to absence of a insulation layer of a plate it is possible to transport and store with the maximum saving of space that considerably reduces the price of logistics.
Laying down on any insulating material.
The optimum sizes, calculated under an europallet, considerably reduce the price of logistics of transportations and warehousing.
- Strong connection of insulating plates.
- Fast and reliable fixing of pipes in any directions without additional accessories.


Feature Value
Maximum service temperature,°С + 70
Pipe-laying step, mm 50
Diameter of fixed pipes, mm 14-16
Relief height for pipes fixing, mm 17


Item Article Width
per package
Plate Energofloor® Pipelock Solo 0,7-1,1 EFRP0/71/1PLKSOL 0,7 m 1,1 m 20 pcs.



Packed in cardboard boxes with dimensions of 788 х 1173 х 199 mm

Standart size Width, m Lenght, m Quantity per package, pcs. Gross weight, kg Package volume, m3
Plate Energofloor® Pipelock Solo 0,7-1,1  0,7 1,1 20 23,82 0,184


Plates Energofloor® Pipelock Solo