Sheets (rolls) Energofloor® Compact


Sheets (rolls) Energofloor® Compact is the best decision for floor-heating insulation in residential premises of multi-storey buildings.

Thanks to the use of sheets (rolls) Energofloor® Compact, a uniform comfortable temperature is created on the floor surface, and the cement-sand screed and floor coating are maximally protected from local overheating and destruction. At the same time, a small thickness of insulation saves the space of living quarters.

  • Foamed polyethylene is coated with a layer of aluminum foil, protected from corrosion by a chemically resistant polymer film.
  • The 30 micrometers thick foil coating evenly distributes heat from the heating elements over the entire floor surface, maintaining all the advantages of flexible insulation during installation.
Aluminum foil 30 micrometers thickness evenly distributes heat from heating elements on all surface of a floor.
Small thickness of a material allows to lower general thickness of a design.


Feature Value Method
Thermal conductivity λ20, W/(m•°С) 0,039 GOST 7076-99
Maximum service temperature,°С + 70  
Water absorption with volume at full immersion within 24 h, %, no more 1,0 GOST 17177-94
Aluminum foil thickness, mkm 30  
Printing step, mm 50  
Corrosion safety Have increased resistance to aggressive construction materials – cement, concrete, gypsum, lime.  
Environmental Aspects Chlorofluorohydrocarbons and sulfur free  


Item Article Thickness Width Length Quantity per roll
Sheet (roll) Energofloor® Compact 3/1,0-30 EFRR03130COM 3 mm 1 m 30 m 30 m2
Sheet (roll) Energofloor® Compact 5/1,0-20 EFRR05120COM 5 mm 1 m 20 m 20 m2



Packed into cartons with dimensions of 1020 x 395 x 395 mm.

standard size thickness, mm width, m length, m quantity per package, m2 gross weight, kg package volume, m3
3/1,0-30 3 1 30 30 5,51 0,160
5/1,0-20 5 1 20 20 5,01 0,160